Rev. Terry D. Streeter

Since November 1989, we have been led by Reverend Terry D. Streeter, a preacher extraordinaire, teacher and evangelist. We are truly blessed to have such an outstanding and accomplished spiritual leader. Pastor Streeter has a tremendous love for his work and his commitment to the Lord is exemplified not only by his teachings, but also his actions as he strives for perfection as a messenger for God. He is sought after as a preacher, teacher, lecturer, retreat leader and revivalist. He has preached at home, throughout the United States and abroad. Under his leadership, the church has experience tremendous growth. The mortgage for the new sanctuary erected during Reverend Yancey's leadership was paid of under Reverend Streeter's leadership. His has developed many new programs that edify children, youths, adults and seniors. Pastor Streeter led Mount Pleasant into a multimillion dollar renovation and expansion project, which included installation of an additional elevator, renovation and expansion of the main sanctuary and the addition of our new educational wing which houses the following: classrooms for Sunday School; multi purpose room, library, children's center, state of the art audio visual room; offices for various ministries and personnel, conference rooms, choir/robe rooms; individual baptismal rooms for women and men, a nursery, new baptismal pool, small chapel, rooftop garden for social events, and expansion of the fellowship hall.

As we continue to grow with God's blessing upon us, Pastor Streeter stresses the fivefold ministries of Mount Pleasant: The Word, Evangelism, Discipleship, Christian Education, and Worship. With all these accomplishments, we are forever mindful that they are blessings from God.

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