Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church
Tutorial Ministry
Student/Parent/Tutor Contract

I  ______________________________________   __________________________

(Print name of Student)                                Date

I  ______________________________________   __________________________

(Print name of Parent)                                  Date

I  ______________________________________   __________________________

(Print name of Tutor)                                    Date


do hereby agree to the standards, rules and procedures specified in this contract.


Studentís Agreement.  I understand that I must work to the best of my ability.  Therefore, I will do the followi ng:

1.     Respect the Church and all its property.

2.     Respect and cooperate with other students and all adults; respect the cultural differences of others.

3.     Control my actions by obeying verbal requests at all times.

4.     Control my actions by not disturbing others.

5.     Prepare my schoolwork for each day and come to tutoring with the necessary supplies to do my best.

6.     Work quietly and honestly during each tutoring session.

 Parentís Agreement.  I want my child to be successful.  Therefore, I will do the following:

 1.    Send my child to tutoring prepared to learn with a positive attitude and at 5:00 p.m. on Tuesdays and             Thursdays.

2.    Provide pencils, pens, paper and other necessary tools for learning.

3.    Support the Tutorial Ministry in its efforts to maintain proper discipline, conform to rules of conduct and resolve conflicts in positive ways.

4.    Communicate and monitor on a regular basis, my childís progress.

5.    Speak with the Tutorial Director or Tutor as the first step in settling any misunderstanding or disagreement.

6.    Provide the Tutorial Ministry with copies of all report cards.


Tutorís Agreement.  It is important that students achieve.  Therefore, I will do the following:


1.    Make every effort to provide students and other tutors with a safe and orderly environment.

2.    Demonstrate care and concern for each student and their individuality, culture, strengths and needs.

3.    Establish and maintain a professional collaborative network with others in support of student academic achievement.

4.    Immediately report to the Tutorial Director any studentsí conduct that is in violation of this contract.



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_______________________________________________  (Tutor)